Saturday, July 21, 2007

The f*&king liar in chief does it again.

In an interview on the Post Politics Podcast, President Bush states that he "can't speak to" the complaints of his former Surgeon General.

Yes, you f^&king well can.

You say, "if anyone interferes with the public statements and actions of the surgeon general ever again, that person will be fired."

Then again, he said that about anyone involved in the Plame case, too, and that was a lie.
Well, two wins over the White Sox has me crawling back from the ledge, but the Yankees are still there, lurking in the weeds. Another 7-7 two week stretch, and it will be 4 games back, and then another, and it's a tie.

This team doesn't seem like a World Series team to me, somehow. They're not as good as their record, and they fall into these cataleptic spells at the plate sometimes that scare me. I think they ran up this record while the Yankees had a stretch of unbelievably bad baseball luck. The Yankees are getting the good luck, now, so if we don't straighten up, we're in trouble. More serious trouble than right now.

I stopped reading History of the English Speaking Peoples. I liked the author when he was on CSpan, but he is really proving to be a big time Bush apologist. I find it hard to believe what he's saying, even though it may be true, because he's capable of coming up with statements like the positive side of prisoner scandals like Abu Ghraib is that the malefactors were punished when the crimes were revealed.

Well, yes, it is a positive that Western armies have mechanisms for punishing soldiers who mistreat prisoners, while mistreating prisoners seems to be almost a requirement among the fanatics.

But make no mistake, Abu Ghraib was dealt with because it leaked. Were it not for Seymour Hersh, I am confident we would have never heard of that place. Of course, were it not for Seymour Hersh, we might still be in Vietnam.

Does anyone really, honestly believe that the Bush Administration would have brought this to light on its own?

It's almost boring to read about the criminal, savage, marauding evildoers in the White House. I have lost my capacity to feel outrage about what they do, which is a terrible thing. But it is exhausting, getting so angry at them all the time.

I read this book at my parents' house last weekend. An excellent read, and strong words coming from a rock ribbed conservative.

I can't even talk to people who support these idiots. I'm tired of being nice to them. I'm not ready to make nice, I'm not ready to back down.