Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thinking Of Self Promotion On Thursday

My friend Matt Potter, one of my top ten favorite mammals, continues to crank out the wonderfulness down there on the other side of Spaceship Earth. Available for sale now (and perfect for gift giving) are the first two volumes of the series '2014', a deeply creative idea that involves a set of interlinking stories, one per day, for the entire year. I am deeply honored to say that the 15th of the month will feature stories by none other than yours truly. It should surprise no one that the stories will include a baseball theme. Continuing to be available is 'Obit', and 'Gorge', and 'Slut', which contain works of mine, and many other works as good or better that do not.

Future endeavors from this corner of the dugout include a book of short stories to be published by that jewel of the Berkshires, Marian Kent's ALLCAPS, and not one but two novels that should be finalized and ready for my adoring public before the Earth crashes into the Sun.

In the world that does not, shockingly, involve me, among the other events of your life, you should make yourself stop in over here if you value heartbreaking clarity and beauty in your blog reading.

And last but not least, my brother from another mother Lance, whose blog continues to be able to beat up my blog, is cranking out novel after novel at a pace that defies good sense, and at a level of quality and sharpness that makes me seethe with envy.

And someday, I may actually write again for simple publication here. Who knows?