Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stupid Union

Stupid, half asleep fight with the wife last night. Is that some kind of a union rule, we have to fight every once in a while to prove we're still married?

Playing Ketchup

November 11, 2007
Now listening: Dan Carlin’s “Common Sense” podcast. I already enjoyed his history podcast, and this is more like a current events/politics podcast. Not bad, so far anyway.
He’s talking about James Watson’s unfortunate racist comments about Africans not being as intelligent as Westerners. Carlin raises an interesting point-Watson is wrong, but it does get at the underlying lie that all men really aren’t created equal. We all know this, but it isn’t polite to say so. Carlin also raises the larger point that at times, science doesn’t always say what we want it to say, but that doesn’t make it any less true. He also makes the excellent analogy to the Nixon era presidential study of drugs that advocated legalization of marijuana and was quickly spiked.
Good “Car Talk” puzzler this week. Apparently there is a jacket photo on “Summer of 49” showing Ted and Joe together. (I have the book, but the jacket has long since bought the dust.) The puzzle is, since you can only see Ted and Joe in the picture, and it was obviously taken at a ballpark, although you can’t tell which one, you can tell that it was taken at an All Star Game. I don’t remember the picture, but I bet it’s the fact that both men are wearing home uniforms. If Ted’s uniform says “Red Sox” and Joe’s says “Yankees”, it has to be an All Star Game, because if it were a game at Fenway, Joe’s will say “New York”, and if it were at the Stadium, Ted’s will say “Boston”.
Funny bit on PRI’s “Fair Game” I just downloaded-the anti-gay rights, pro-gay sex ticket: Larry Craig and Ted Haggert.
November 12, 2007
From the “You have GOT to be fucking kidding me” Department: Apparently Senator Larry Craig circulated an email to his Senate colleagues reporting he had found a men’s wristwatch….
….wait for it…….
………on the floor of a men’s room.
If you are Senator Larry Craig, and you find a watch in a men’s room, you keep it. Seriously. How do you type that with a straight face?