Saturday, September 15, 2007

New York @ Boston, September 15, 2007
Crushing blow last night. HUGE. Leading 7-2, 6 outs to go, and the roof caved in. 6 runs in the 8th, and a 8-7 loss. Not that it really affects anything, but it had a huge effect on ME, anyway.
Robbie Cano is only batting .240? I didn’t know that. He’s a heck of a ballplayer. Last year, I would have traded Pedroia for him. Not this year, though.
Seeing the end of the Jeter Yankee dynasty-Jeter himself, Posada, Rivera-these guys won’t last forever-I am struck with the thought that these were classy ballplayers, by and large, these guys. I hated them for partisan reasons, but as a simple matter of their greatness, it’s hard to argue with all three as clear Hall of Famers and among the greatest who have ever lived. Obviously, they can’t go on forever, but they were a great bunch. Not exactly a news flash, but as a baseball fan, who have to appreciate greatness when it’s right in front of your face.
It would be really, really great if somebody who worked for my company knew just what the fuck they are doing. Just one would be great.
Wang is really struggling. They better get to him before he rights himself, or we’re going to lose again.
Didn’t everybody used to call him “Tiger” Wang? When did we stop doing that? Is there something racist about it that I missed?
The Red Sox are hitting long, long flyouts, but not scoring. If they can’t get some runs soon, we are doomed.
I don’ t think this team is good enough to win the World Series in any case. We don’t have enough hitting. Period. And nobody is hitting like New York right now-nobody.
You know what’s a bunch of crap? Statements like, “The Vikings are 14-2 on the road in September” or “the Yankees can’t beat the Angels.” First of all, the only way to make that statement meaningful is if the same Yankee team, or the same Viking team, played all those games. Obviously they didn’t. But you hear that all the time, as if there is some sort of voodoo hex bullshit going on.
Shit. Youkilis just got hit by a pitch, and is out. If he is out for any length of time, that’s a huge, huge loss for us.
Youk’s hand is bruised, not broken. That’s really good news for Red Sox Nation.
Hinske just came home and whacked Posada good, but Jorge held on to the ball. Wonder if that will result in Hinske getting dusted tonight or tomorrow.
Jacoby Ellsbury for Mayor!
Heck, Jacoby Ellsbury for President!
2 run double for Ortiz, 5-1 Boston-but 9 outs to go. Which means we have to get Damon-Abreu-Jeter-Rodriguez out one more time. Sigh.
Useless Facts Department: First time since 1955 New York has come back from 5 runs down in Boston last night. First time since 1914 Boston has two players with more than 25 steals this season.
Top Seventh- Posada pops out-8 outs to go. I will never forget the hit he got during the rally that beat Pedro in 2003, the way he clapped as he cruised into second. Hated it, but it was memorable.
Matsui flew out-7 outs to go. Matsui is a heck of a ballplayer,too-his swing is very memorable to me. Classy guy, but somehow never as great as I thought he was going to be, or at least never as great as he was his first year or two here.
Giambi hit by a pitch, with the namby pamby warnings issued, and then a single by Cano, so we’ve got two out trouble. Cabrera now, another tough out. This Yankee team doesn’t have any easy ones, that’s for sure.
Cabrera struck out. 6 outs to go. Beckett’s over 100 pitches, so you have to think we’ll go Timlin-Pap, or maybe even Timlin-Gagne. Gagne has looked a little better lately. His recovery would help enormously.
If we win today, the magic number goes down to 9. That would be sweet, and then if we can hammer Rocket tomorrow, this series will feel a whole lot better.
To me, anyhow.
Never fails-you’re open for 10 hours, but everyone comes in during the last 15 minutes. Sigh.