Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just watched the first episode of Hard Knocks, on HBO. I don't care one whit about the Chiefs, but it made for a great program.

American Idol for football players, I guess.

There's the standard mix of vets (Tony Gonzalez, Ty Law, Patrick Surtain, Eddie Kennison), rookies (Bowe from LSU, and a kid lineman from Camden, Turk something), and guys with issues (Kyle Turley, Priest Holmes).

It's going to be very interesting to follow. And unlike so called reality TV, you know this one is real.
I don't know why anyone has kids. Or a family. I am sick to death of everyone and everything. Except the girl with pretty shoes.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

(Cue Vader's Theme)

Loss to the Angels, combined with ANOTHER YANKEE WIN, means the lead is 6.

(Stop Vader's Theme)

I have to put down something about the girl with the pretty shoes. I've been thinking about her non stop since Sunday. Flying from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, I saw a pleasant, attractive girl wearing really pretty shoes. She was a violinist, travelling with her mother, wearing a fairly short, pleated skirt. She was, how you say, not a size two, but very pleasing to the eye. She got her baggage at baggage claim