Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I feel duty bound, as a meaningless, misinformed blogger, to comment about the Imus kerfuffle.

I've listened to Imus before, only because he was what was on before the sports radio station in Boston began their programming for a while. He was never really all that funny, or interesting, or anything special at all. I know by reading about him how important he is to Washington/New York media/political types, and I know that a lot of presidential candidates have appeared on his show.

What he said about the Rutgers basketball team was rude-sexist, racist, and unacceptable. As a broadcast professional, he knows damn well that his words are going over the air, and he didn't care. Those thoughts don't come from the ether, they come from inside your head.

I feel like it is not only justified, but required, for his sponsors and NBC to drop him. If you continue to pay his salary, you de facto endorse his words.

I know I'm going to hear the argument, "Geez, people can't say anything anymore these days. Not like it used to be." To which I say, GOOD! I'm glad that certain words and sentiments are no longer acceptable among civilized people. They are ugly, and while they don't have to be banned by governmental fiat, they can be banned by lack of usage, and allowing them to wither on the vine is all the fame these words deserve.

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