Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another day, another loss, this time on a walk off by Eric Chavez. We've dropped 4 of 5, and this can easily get out of control if Dice Man doesn't right the ship. Fortunately, I guess, the Yankees don't gain any ground, since they lost to Chicago (my kind of town, Chicago is).

Is it silly to worry about the team that's not, technically speaking, behind us? Well, they're the Yankees. Plus I don't really believe Toronto, Baltimore, or Tampa is really going to make a run. This Yankee offense is going to get hot at some point and carry them for two weeks, and we better be ready to keep up with them when they do.

At least the losses have been close ones. We haven't been outclassed in a while-one of those silly, 14-2 losses like we had against Atlanta.

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