Monday, June 02, 2008

Money or Love?

Very interesting story on this week's 60 Minutes, about some Chicago police officers who are being prosecuted for improper conduct-things like stealing money and falsifying reports. It sounds roughly like the LA unit called "Rampart" that Mark Fuhrman supposedly worked with.

According to the story, crime went down while the unit was active, and then went back up after it was disbanded.

It makes you wonder-are you willing to trade security for freedom? It's the same attitude the Bush administration wants to sell us-if you want us to get the bad people and keep you safe, you have to let us blur the lines and break some heads.

In a word, no. If you have to break heads, you're losing the thing you're supposed to be defending.

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  1. That was so well put, that I dare not say anymore and ruin it.


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