Saturday, November 15, 2008

Post #1000

According to Blogger, this is my one thousandth post. One thousand of anything is a lot. One thousand whiny, boastful, neurotic, insecure, funny, sad, vitriolic, scary messages from somewhere within my cerebral cortex.

Now, if you've read all one thousand of them, God bless you. I don't think I even read all one thousand, and given the grammar I sometimes display, that is not hard to believe. But there they are, one thousand posts, from 2003-present, all about life, liberty, and the pursuit of good fitting pants.

My wife and I are going to the Borgata tonight to see comedian Brian Regan for our anniversary, which cynics will note was a full month ago.

So, as Jim Bouton once wrote, tell your statistics to shut up.

I should be back here at some point tomorrow.

Peace Out!


  1. I'm possibly heading to the Borgata tonight as well. I won't be seeing the Comedian, however I will be gambling my hard earned monies away.

    Have a delightful time, and think to yourself 2 things:

    "This woman by my side is awesome for putting up with me for so many years"


    "Katie is in this building right now...maybe"

  2. Believe me, I think the former, every damn minute of every day.

    And as for the latter...I won't call you Kathleen.

    That much I know.

  3. Well, I didn't see Katie, which doesn't surprise me, since there were easily more than a thousand people there, and I've only glimpsed the one picture. Thus, I was not able to not call her Kathleen. Which I have been warned about.

    The comedians were very good. The gambling not so much-as usual, we got up early but couldn't leave well enough alone, and ended up down. But what the heck, money can't buy you love.

  4. A Borgata sounds like a yachting event attended by assimilated half-human half-cyborg beings.


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