Sunday, January 11, 2009

Belinda Carlisle is no joke!

Another weekend day, wasted away to nothing.

Finished A Game Of Brawl, moving on now to "Baseball's Great Experiment", another Jackie Robinson book. Waiting for the baseball jag to exhaust itself.

Tomorrow at 1:30 PM, the members of the 2009 class for the Baseball Hall of Fame will be announced. The HOF is a curious institution-a private organization, it answers to no one, really-and yet it stirs up hornets nests of debate from baseball fans about who should be there and who shouldn't.

I don't care, myself, all that much. I am interested to see who goes in, but I'm not going to fly into a rage if someone does or doesn't.

The consensus is that Rickey Henderson will slide (so to speak) into the Hall. The question and controversy comes up when you ask who else goes in. There are a number of other deserving candidates, but generally speaking, only 2 or at most 3 go in each year. Ideally, for me, it would be Henderson, Tim Raines, Jim Rice, and Bert Blyleven. But that's just me.

I played some "Rock Band 2" with my son today. It's more fun, and more difficult, than I really want to admit. Even seemingly simple songs, like "We Got The Beat" by The Go Gos, are harder than one might think. Playing "Rock Band 2" is to playing music like looking at a picture in a cookbook is to eating a meal. But it's fun as hell.


  1. Belinda's got nothing on Jane Weidlin.

  2. Oh, utterly. I just found the GoGos tune "We Got The Beat" very challenging, on the video game. More complex than I thought it would be.


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