Monday, March 09, 2009


Actual text of a comment I got on my last post.

"Interview Request

Hello Dear and Respected,
I hope you are fine and carrying on the great work you have been doing for the Internet surfers. I am Ghazala Khan from The Pakistani Spectator (TPS), We at TPS throw a candid look on everything happening in and for Pakistan in the world. We are trying to contribute our humble share in the webosphere. Our aim is to foster peace, progress and harmony with passion.

We at TPS are carrying out a new series of interviews with the notable passionate bloggers, writers, and webmasters. In that regard, we would like to interview you, if you don't mind. Please send us your approval for your interview at my email address "ghazala.khi at", so that I could send you the Interview questions. We would be extremely grateful.


Ghazala Khan
The Pakistani Spectator"

A few questions spring immediately to mind.

1. I've been doing "great work" for the "internet surfers"?

2. I'm all for peace, progress, and harmony, but I fail to see how my answering questions about Pakistan will do anything to improve that.

3. I'm a "notable passionate blogger"? Really? If my notability and passion, out of all bloggers everywhere, were to be ranked numerically, you would need a telescope to see my ranking if you were standing on #1.

4. The only thing I know about Pakistan is that it is probably where Osama is hiding out and it isn't Afghanistan.

5. The only other thing I know about Pakistan is a joke I made shortly after September 11. My boss was named Stan, and I told him, "Well, as soon as I heard that a 'Stan' was involved, I knew trouble wasn't far behind."

I emailed the person back. I am interested to see what sort of questions they have for me, or whether this is some sort of a ruse to get funds out of a Pakistani bank.


  1. HeHe. I went through a period of of time when a relative from a far off land died and left me millions every week.

    It was very hard for my family :)

  2. Yes, it is only a a matter of time before he tells you that because you are a passionate blogger, you have the opportunity to give him $10,000 in order to help secure your reward of $13 million from an exiled Pakistani prince.

    The interview questions will consist of him asking every single identifying bit of information concerning your bank accounts.

  3. On the plus side, if he needs $10,000, I am just about as likely to give birth to a Sleestak as I am to have $10,000.

    I am sure you are probably right, but it intrigues me to see what comes back.


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