Monday, April 06, 2009

Really weird....well, maybe not that weird. But still.

If you're a Jeopardy watcher, tune in tomorrow, if only for a minute. The current defending champion, I am told, bears a remarkable resemblence With more hair, and fewer pounds. But still, me.


I know, not that spooky. (I was told, back in the day, that I resembled actor Corey Haim a bit as well.) There are only so many ways to arrange your standard human features, so there is a fighting chance that any person has quite a few doppelgangers. But if it's so close even I can see it, then it is pretty darn close.

I wouldn't think that any just and fair universe would produce more than one of me. But what do I know?


  1. I just watched Jeopardy.

    I can't put a face to the defending champ.

    I'm watching tomorrow, with my filter glasses of course. To filter some hair and some lbs of course.

  2. That's ok. A lot of people have that problem. I have what's known as a face that's made for radio.

  3. I also just watched jeopardy...and because I don't know what you look like I cannot make judgement on your hypothesis. I do sortof remember what he looked like, but only because he reminded me of someone I knew once. At least he's famous for being clever. You could be stuck with a television twin of some twisted nature. This guy must have a clean slate and does well under pressure. One might say he's representing you well. :)

  4. One might.

    What killed me, too, was that I got Final Jeopardy RIGHT, and he DIDNT!

    I'm one of those people who can't recognize faces-really famous actors and actresses, yes, but anyone below that, no. Watching a movie with my wife is torture for her-"Isn't that the guy who was in "Glengarry Glen Ross?" "No, idiot."

    (She almost called off our wedding when we argued about who the carrier captain was in "Top Gun". (I was wrong, BTW))

    But I am terrible at realizing resemblances-and even I saw it. So it's pretty close.

  5. Cool. Not only did you resemble a Corey, people were able to identify which of the many Corey's you resembled.

  6. Indeed.

    This was well before they both became reality show metastars-this was back when they were actual actors, with movies and everything.


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