Friday, June 18, 2010

I Am Comic

While trying to come down from the euphoric lows of rooting for the doomed Celtics, I caught a documentary on one of the movie channels called "I Am Comic". It is basically a whole bunch of comedians telling stories and jokes about the art of comedy, surrounding the story of Ritch Shydner, a standup from the 1980s who is trying to make his way back. He had one of those specials that you saw all the time on Comedy Central and HBO for a while, but it contains a couple of my favorite bits of all time. It's not groundbreaking or anything, pretty standard Tim Allen style "Boys are different from girls" stuff, but it was funny.

The documentary was tremendous, though-somewhat similar to "Comedian" and "The Aristocrats" in that it's a lot of comics just being funny, one after another. Terrific thing to watch, although I wound up staying up way too long.

Here's a clip from the documentary:

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