Tuesday, July 27, 2010

100 Word Challenge: "Rocket Queen"

The 100 Word Challenge is hosted here , and this week's entry is centering on the word "minimum". Mine is called "Rocket Queen", and it goes a little something like this:

“All I ever wanted/ Was for you/ To know that I care...,” I yowled, trying to sound like Axl Rose, alone inside my car. I playacted -not just singing along with the radio, but pointing to nonexistent guitarists to play the solo. Still singing the same songs I did when I was 17-pathetic. I look like a nut- gesturing to people that aren’t there- but for a moment, I feel 17. Why do this? The tenuous hold I have on adulthood- the technical standard I meet that feels like it can be withdrawn at any time.


  1. It's Ozzy for me... cranked to 11, windows down, hang banging!

  2. Didn't I see you on the highway the other day?


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