Friday, July 02, 2010

He's A Monkey!...And He's Got A Challenge!

Our friend the Monkey Man, who may just be catching for the Red Sox before the day is out, (send your resume c/o Theo Epstein, Fenway Park, Yawkey Way, Boston, MA, 02130)has opened the Friday 55 Challenge gates. My entry is called "New Day", and is, of course, loosely based on Days One, Two, and Three of Wyatt Christopher Couchoud's long life.

Tiny eyes squint into bright light.
Sound everywhere, no longer muffled.
Cold-so much cold air after weeks of warmth.
Everything shockingly new and different.
Held, passed, prodded, measured.
Sleep-sudden, blessed relief, then new faces.
What now? What new feeling, new sight, new sound?
Everything a blur, surrounded by love and light.
Who are these people?


  1. Great 55, Michael. For the record, I host a Sunday 160 challenge (link it through today's 55 post on my blog) and G-Man at Mr. Knowitall hosts the Friday Flash Fiction 55. I would love to take credit for G-man's wonderfully successful 55, but can't.

  2. Excellent job Michael...
    But MM said it all.
    Better luck next week Son..
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...Galen

  3. can you imagine if we could remember those first few days after birth...everythign new...frightening...nice 55.

  4. I'm guessing I was screaming, "Put me back! It's January and it's cold out here." :) Well done.


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