Thursday, December 30, 2010

100 Words: "Learning To Read"

Velvet Verbosity hosts the 100 word challenge here, and, in her spare time, negotiates Mideast peace. This week's prompt is "Spirit", and my entry is called "Learning To Read".

What's that word?" It was his constant refrain these days.

"That says "Wine and Spirits"," I told him.

"What that mean?"

"That tells us what this store sells."

"Which one we gettin?"

"We're going to get a bottle of wine."


"Mommy asked me to. She needs to bring it to a grownup party."

"There be presents?"

"No, buddy." I didn't think I could explain to him that being an adult meant you had to go to parties and pretend to like people because your boss was there.

"That sounds boring."

"It is, pal. I assure you."


  1. Grown up parties can be boring without being in the right 'spirit.' Fun take on the theme.

  2. I love it! And That's how I feel about most grown up parties, too. I avoid them whenever possible. lol

    Great work!

  3. I think I went to far too many such parties this last year. Maybe that should be my New Year's "grown-up" parties.


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