Saturday, February 19, 2011

Joe Posnanski on books and bookstores

The always marvelous Joe Posnanski , who writes about sports and wrote one of the best books I've ever read about Negro League star and baseball legend Buck O'Neil has a lovely piece up about bookstores, a part of modern life that seems to be fading away, and a part of modern life that I am inordinately, passionately fond of. Read it.

"Connection. That seems to be the thing that books can offer that is a little bit different from anything else ... a way to bridge that gap, a way to cut the space between us. Sometimes when I'm in a bookstore, I will see someone I don't know looking at a book I loved, and I want to run over and shout: "You don't know me but please buy that book! I don't know you, but if you are the kind of person I hope you will love it!"

Of course I don't ever do that. And nobody ever does that to me. Not even the person at the checkout counter."

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