Saturday, January 01, 2005

I'm so lame I can't even be bothered to whine and gripe, for free, on here.


I've been commenting on and on about others' stuff, so I should probably try to contribute.

God Bless Filkertom.

I wish I were as clever as him, but I'll try.

Let me go pick on Bill O'Lielly for a while.

"There is going to be a thunderclap of resentment[if Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 is nominated for Best Picture], particularly if Gibson is ignored. And that will impact on the box office because a lot of people say I'm not going to the movies. And I'm not going to watch this Oscar telecast either. Wait 'til you see."

Yeah, right. Movie attendance will simply plummet, based on Oscar nominations.

"O'REILLY: I don't know. It's a "Dr. Feelgood" type situation. You know how some doctors are -- they'll give you a prescription for anything. You walk in and say, hey I got a crick in my neck and you got Xanax (search).That's what's going on. And I believe it is going on. And there lies the problem is that the federal government is afraid, hey, you open this door and you're going to get these things all over the place, unscrupulous doctors for $150 a pop, who will be writing these things out[medical marijuana prescriptions]."

Jaysus. So regulate the medical profession, for Pete's sake! Don't deny people in agony relief from suffering, and prolong and deepen a so called drug war, because of fear of a few rotten doctors! What ignorance!

But that's all I expect from the Sultan of Phone Sex.