Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Truck Day!

As we all know, the first day of spring is when the Red Sox equipment truck leaves Fenway Park to drive to Fort Myers, Florida for the beginning of spring training. That day was today. So, despite the fact that I have enough snow in my back yard to make Shawn White happy for a month, it is spring, because it is Truck Day, which should really be a national holiday.

It should, too. Shut up.

In other news, Billerica, Massachusetts native Tom Glavine retired from baseball. Glavine won 305 games over 21 seasons, mostly by throwing low, outside fastballs and watching hitters pop them up. Glavine, who also loved hockey as a youth, is going to work for the Braves organization, where he spent most of his career. He seems like a classy sort of gent. Baseball will miss him.

Author John Feinstein penned a pretty good book about Glavine and Mike Mussina called "Living on the Black". I recommend it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's The Buzz

So Google has introduced Google Buzz, which appears to be a sort of Facebooky Twitter, or a Twittery Facebook. Experts are calling it a "Facebook Killer", but I'm not so sure. See, I'm on Twitter, and on Facebook, and on Friendfeed, and on Buzz now, too. I mostly use it as a platform to evangelize the utter greatness of this blog which you, as my longterm readers, are already well aware of.

I know we're all in the content delivery business now, and you are your brand, and blah blah blah blah blah. But I just can't seem to find a focus these days. Everybody says blogs are supposed to be super focused, but I can't seem to either stop blogging, for one thing, or figure out what I want this to be about, for another thing.

I know I like reading the words and links of smart people, and there are loads and loads of them out there. But it seems like every idea has been done, every angle has been explored, every everything has been done better and faster and cheaper. I don't want to really write about my life because my life is even boring to me, and I'm the one living it! I can't seem to write full time about sports, or politics, or books, or anything-because I get sick of any topic after a while.

So I guess my message to you is thusly: I'm on Buzz, if you want to find me there. Feel free to hook up on any of those other services, too. So to speak. But until I start having strong feelings of one platform being superior to any other, my musings will continue to be reflections of the brilliance, wit, and sheer poetry you have become used to finding here.