Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'm not saying, I'm just saying...

Alex Rodriguez is going to win the American League MVP award, but I'm just saying...

(courtesy Lee Sinins' Baseball Encyclopedia)

2007 American League Leaders

Alex Rodriguez 1.0672
David Ortiz 1.0663
Carlos Pena 1.0374
Magglio Ordonez 1.0295
Jim Thome .9736
Jorge Posada .9707
Vladimir Guerrero .9508
Curtis Granderson .9139
Jack Cust .91210
B.J. Upton .894

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Waterboard this!

"I believe the questions he's been asked are unfair," Bush said in an Oval Office session with reporters. "He's been asked to give opinions of a program -- or techniques of a program -- on which he has not been briefed."

Jesus H. Christ. He's talking about the question of whether or not waterboarding is torture.

How about we get to a place in this country where everybody knows the answer to a question like that? Goddamn it, torture is torture is torture.

I wish we still lived in America.

Nugget from Lee Sinins' new edition of the Complete Sabermetric Encyclopedia:

1 Ted Williams .482
2 Babe Ruth .474
3 John McGraw .465
4 Billy Hamilton .455
5 Lou Gehrig .447
6 Barry Bonds .444
7 Bill Joyce .435
8 Rogers Hornsby .434
9 Ty Cobb .433
10 Todd Helton .430

Todd Helton has the 10th highest OBP in history. Wow.

I never would have guessed that.

It doesn't take long to find out something cool with Lee's toy.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Old Fool

October 31, 2007
Listening: Black Crowes, “Thorn In My Pride”
One of my alltime favorites. Great, great song. Sure, a Zeppelin rip off, but there was something about the feel of this song, the serpentine pseudo religiousness, that just got to me. Wonderful track.

Andy Rooney is a doddering old coot.

My IPod speakers just shuffled off this mortal coil, so its time to get some new ones. Oh well. I have one working one, so I can listen to podcasts pretty well, but music comes through pretty crappily. Not the end of the world.

The Boston Red Sox, the only baseball team that matters (to me), won the World Series by sweeping an outmanned and outgunned Colorado Rockies team, 4 games to none. Yoo fucking hoo. You would think, given my harping upon the Red Sox here, I would be over the moon with joy. I’m really not, though. No one extra will be fed or clothed with the Red Sox as world champions.

I liked this team, though- Dusty and Ellsbury and the Dice Man. Papelbon and Okajima. The Big Schill. Becks. Papi and the Bad Man. Big Mike Lowell. Youk. Lugo and Coco. Even the Talented Mr. Drew. A fun team to root for. I’m happy, but not over the moon.

I’m back working after two weeks of vacation, in case you couldn’t tell. Is my cynicism showing?
It’s just been work-sleep-work-sleep since Monday, which is why I haven’t been posting. As if anyone on Earth reads this besides me.


Democratic debate last night. I didn’t watch it. Apparently, most everyone went after Clinton, which is the obvious thing to do, since she leads everywhere this side of Mars. I’m still an Edwards supporter, in general. I like Kucinich, too, but he hasn’t a snowball’s chance in a blast furnace. Neither does Edwards, either, really. I will vote for Edwards in the primary, and then Hillary, assuming she wins the nomination. Whatever Hillary’s flaws, she is still yards better than every single Republican candidate. The only one who doesn’t make me throw up in my mouth is Huckabee, who I could live with except for the fact that he actually doesn’t believe in evolution, if you can believe that. That’s kind of like not believing in the sun.

Romney is just too weird and psychotic, Giuliani is just plain psychotic, and John McCain drank the Kool Aid.

I don’t have a problem with Obama, necessarily. I just think there are a large number of Americans who will never, ever vote for him-too many for him to win. But if he’s the nominee, I’ll certainly vote for him. He’s way, way better than every single Republican, bar none.

Happy Halloween. Feh.

What a stupid holiday. I don’t have any holiday spirit, or warm, good feelings, or anything, for
this holiday at all. Or any holiday, really.

Just another sociopath, blogging for no one to hear.

“Banana Phone” rules, though. What a great song. I love “Banana Phone”.

Story on Marketplace about a wannabe singer named “DaVito” who wants Starbucks to sell his CD reminds me of the Hedberg joke about leaving his CD in stores. “ ‘You left this behind, sir.’ ‘No, I did not. That is for sale. Please alphabetize it.’”

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Banana Phone

This may be the greatest song ever written.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Ascent of Man

October 28, 2007
Now listening:
Led Zeppelin, “Carouselambra”
Interesting they are pushing a new Zeppelin release on TV, which, according to ITunes and everything I have been able to find out, is just another album of remasters. Which is fine, I just don’t see any need to buy it, though.
I still don’t have the How The West Was Won CDs, though. I will probably buy them on ITunes someday soon.

Someone asked me if I was going to be out of work for “a couple of weeks” following my surgery. I laughed so hard I choked. I’m uncomfortable as hell, but I’m functional, so I’m here.

We won game 3, in fairly convincing fashion. They trimmed it to 6-5, but we pulled away late again. Game four tonight. They may beat Lester, but I don’t think a 2004-esque comeback is in order. They’ll talk tough, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Now listening: Elton John/Leonard Cohen, “Born To Lose”
I wonder why I bother to take vacation. Everything is either not done or done wrong, so I just have to work twice as hard to catch up. I hate morons.

Now listening: Bruce Springsteen, “Reason to Believe”
I saw this great program the other night. It was hosted by George Martin, and he was talking to Lyle Lovett and BILLY FREAKING JOEL and a bunch of other musicians about the nature of melody. I can’t remember what it was called or what channel it was on, though. It will probably never be on again, now, and it will be one of those things I tell people about that they never really understand because they weren’t there and they don’t understand how good it was.

Now listening: Queen Latifah, “When You’re Good to Mama” (from Chicago)
I wonder if I’m going to be able to sell my wife on a trip to Cleveland this summer. That’s where the SABR Convention 2008 will be.
I’m thinking no.
I work all frakking year, and I can’t take a week to go hang out with baseball geeks.
No, you got married, you stupid shit. What the hell are you thinking?

Now listening: Billy Joel, “Highway 61 Revisited”
Great version, BTW.
I didn’t play nearly as much as I wanted during my vacations. I read four books, I guess, all together-The Battle, about Waterloo, Kevin Smith’s new blog postings book, Scott Adams’ blog postings book, and another Dilbert book. The last one doesn’t really count, though.
Now I have to work every day this week.
You can never get a fatal stroke when you really need one.

Now listening: REM, “The Ascent of Man”.
“Oh, I see. It’s my fault that you can’t read. I’m so sorry.”

Now listening: Guns N Roses, “Used to Love Her”
I’m starting to think about people having children the way I think about skydiving. If you’re brave enough, good for you.
A little ironic now that I’m out of that game forever.

Now listening: John Lennon, “Nobody Told Me”
This is a good sign, I think-one full day of work, and I’m already thinking about suicide again. Terrific. That vacation thing sure helps.