Friday, September 02, 2005

President Bush should resign, or be impeached, because of gross dereliction of duty.


Over at least the past several budget cycles, the Corps has received substantially less money than it requested for the Lake Pontchartrain project, even though Congress restored much of the money the President cut from the amount the Corps requested.
In fiscal year 2004, the Corps requested $11 million for the project. The President’s budget allocated $3 million, and Congress furnished $5.5 million. Similarly, in fiscal 2005 the Corps requested $22.5 million, which the President cut to $3.9 million in his budget. Congress increased that to $5.5 million. “This was insufficient to fund new construction contracts,” according to a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ project fact sheet. The Corps reported that “seven new contracts are being delayed due to lack funds” [sic].
The President proposed $3 million for the project in the budget for fiscal 2006, which begins Oct. 1. “This will be insufficient to fund new construction projects,” the fact sheet stated. It says the Corps “could spend $20 million if funds were provided.” The Corps of Engineers goes on to say:
Army Corps of Engineers, May 23: In Orleans Parish, two major pump stations are threatened by hurricane storm surges. Major contracts need to be awarded to provide fronting protection for them. Also, several levees have settled and need to be raised to provide the design protection. The current funding shortfalls in fiscal year 2005 and fiscal year 2006 will prevent the Corps from addressing these pressing needs.
The Hurricane really shows Bush's true colors.

Who would have thought the levee would break?

Well, FEMA, and the Army Corps of Engineers, and the scientific community. That's who. THE FREAKING DISCOVERY CHANNEL told me New Orleans couldn't take a direct hit from a major hurricane years ago. But Bush's tax cuts took the money away.

The response is slow, and pathetic, and ridiculous.

Bush also compares this to the worst kind of attack. The "MBA President" has had FOUR GODDAMN YEARS to get ready for exactly this kind of event.
But it's only poor black people, so the Republicans will just let them die.

Hurricane Katrina 2005 is George Bush's America 2005. If you have the means, you're on your own and you'll make it. If you don't have the means, die in the streets like a dog. That's the message, America.

Anyone who voted for these people is an idiot, a fascist, or a fool.

The President needs to be impeached. Now.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

But I thought there was "nothing real" about this?


I guess Rush wasn't telling the truth.