Sunday, December 25, 2005

In re: The War on Christmas- Is your faith so weak, so mindless and empty, that you need your particular religious message reflected back at you from EVERY corner of society? Mine isn't. I know what I believe, and I don't need anyone, or anything, other than my own personal church family and my pastor, to reinforce it.

Listening to: This American Life Christmas Spectacular. David Rakoff is a genius.

Reading: JFC Fuller, The Second World War. In talking about the origins of the war, he cites Clausewitz, who writes that there are two types of war-limited and total. Needless to say, we're really good at total war. We can kick your butt six ways from Sunday, every time, anywhere on the earth. Delbruck, a student of Clausewitz, continues (since Clausewitz died) that it follows that there are also two types of strategy, annihilation (total war) and exhaustion (limited war). Annihilation aims at just that-the decisive battle that eliminates the enemy force. Exhaustion aims at a political end through all means-maneuver, economic attack, political persuasion and propaganda.

Is there any doubt of the relevance of this to the Iraq war? Is there any doubt we are fighting (and losing) a limited war?

Clausewitz again, from Fuller, quoting Craig-”no strategical idea can be considered completely without considering the political goal”. No comment required.

Fuller also cites General Giulio Douhet in his book “The Command of the Air”-

“A complete breakdown of the social structure cannot but take place in a country subjected to this kind of merciless pounding from the air. The time would soon come when, to put an end to horror and suffering, the people themselves, driven by the instinct of self preservation, would rise up and demand an end to the war.”

Isn't it obvious that the insurgency is this sort of reaction?

I do this not to prove that I can read old military histories, but to prove how obviously wrong the planning and execution of this war has been. I know these people (the political leadership of this nation) arent readers, and they dont listen to outside advice.

Craig again, from Fuller, on World War I and the Germans' failure:
“The high command had failed...and had lost the war because it had disregarded the most important lesson of history, the interrelationship of politics and war.”

I disagree with nearly all of the goals of this administration. EVEN IF I DIDNT, George Bush should be impeached, and, really, jailed, because he is COMPLETELY, MANIFESTLY, GROSSLY incompetent. No THINKING person can disagree with that statement. I know Cheney is probably worse, but George Bush has to go. Not because I don't like him, though I don't, but because he has committed and allowed others to commit high crimes and treasonous misbehaviors.