Sunday, November 27, 2005

From Harper's Magazine, November 2005, page 34 : "But he and other men and women serving in Iraq must pay for their phone calls home."


WHAT? These poor men and women have to pay for their own phone calls? Are you kidding me? $1 billion per month and we can't spring for the G-D phone?

Give me one good reason. ONE. You money grubbing corporate fascist heartless bastards. What reason could there possibly be? Any conservative out there. Any of you. Explain this to me. Please.
There's a new book, "Postwar" by Tony Judt, about postwar Europe, which points out that one of the reasons why reconstruction of Europe worked so well was that THEY KEPT THE DAMN POLICE FORCE together! One of the favorite right wing taglines has been "Well, this is different from Germany and Japan because there werent any insurgents then." Duh.