Saturday, October 06, 2007


Manuel Aristides Ramirez y Onelcida.

Manny Ramirez, left fielder for the Boston Red Sox. Manny Ramirez, whose defense, and indeed, attitude towards life, can best be described as casual. Manny. Slow afoot, and with 2007 statistics that, though fine for most of baseballkind, did not live up to his own, Cooperstownian, standards.

Manny, who missed nearly a month as the Red Sox stumbled and slid to the division title, shook off the rust of seeing few hittable pitches, and took to the dish against Francisco (K Rod) Rodriguez last night with two men on and two out in a tie game. After a leadoff single by Julio Lugo and an intentional walk to David Ortiz, Rodriguez faced Ramirez. Rodriguez is one of the best relievers in the game, with a 95+ MPH fastball and a hard, vicious breaking ball.

He got a hard fastball, inside, and Manny jacked it.

He crushed it. He slammed it, pulverized it, nailed it. He punched its ticket. He gave it a few quarters and sent it onto the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Manny hit a long, arching, no doubt about it, soul crushing, spine tingling, back breaking 3 run homer deep into the warm night, winning the game and pushing Anaheim to the brink of elimination, going back to the Coast down 0-2 in games.

Manny put both hands straight into the air, an act which is somewhat bush, I must admit, but I can't entirely blame him for, before beginning his home run trot. He better stay loose in the batter's box in game three.

Manny did it. Manny being Manny.


Friday, October 05, 2007

The Pirates fire Jim Tracy? Yeah, that'll help.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Great catch by Ellsbury, then a groundout.

Beckett against Vlad to end it......base hit to center.

Flyout to's over.

Absolute, skull crushing dominance by Beckett. Wow. Nice win.

These shutouts go quick, don't dey?

Kotchman grounds out, 3-1. First pitch swinging? If you say so, guys......

Weak single by Kendrick off of a hook.

Fielder's choice. 2 down. Just looking for outs now.


Youk flies out to right.

Santana is dealing.

Ortiz flies out to center.

Manny fouls out.


Cabrera grounds out.

Rollin, rollin, rollin.....

I got the trivia right. Yay, me!

Vlad couldn't have hit Beckett's last curve with a canoe paddle.

But Vlad rips a ball into short left for their SECOND hit of the day.

Popup to third.

Fielder's choice, three outs. Wow. Beckett is sharp as hell.

Ervin Santana pitching. Crisp pops out.

Santana whipped our asses once during his rookie year.

1-2-3 inning for Santana.


The down.

Trivia: Last AL ERA winner on a Series winner?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm........Guidry, 1978?

Another whiff....Becks is on FIRE.

Nice sliding catch by Coco. Inning over.

Lowell grounds out.

Drew CRUSHES an infield single. Well, looks like a line drive in the boxscore.

Separated at birth: TBS' Ernie Johnson and Tojo, Japanese leader in WWII.

Tek: 3-6-1 DP to end the inning.


Izturis pops up.

Becks looks sharp, dispatching these guys with cold, ruthless efficiency.

Kotchman whiffs, on a nasty high heater.

Kendrick grounds out.

15 straight outs. Wow.

Dusty grounds out.

Youk rung up on strikes.

Ortiz walks.

Lackey is at 90 pitches already.

Ramirez called out on strikes.

Both Manny and Youk barked at the home plate ump, but the pitches didnt seem that close.

Inning the fourth

Drew's much noted hotness in the late going seems to be cooling off.


Groundout for Bad Vlad.

Strikeout. Beckett is rolling.

1-2-3 by Lackey, too.

Moving right along.....

Third inning

Napoli is retired on a fine play.

Here's a hint-if you're missing the first pitch of the inning, there are too many damn commercials.

Taking pitches is a "modern approach to hitting"? Don't tell Rogers Hornsby that.

Flyout to Manny, two down.

Figgins strikes out to end the frame, looking overmatched. Nice.

Dusty pops up to short.

YOUK cranks a double into the corner.

Lugo was out on what APPEARED to be a missed call? Only to people with eyes.

Papi cranks one around the pole for a 2 run JACK. 3-0.

A walk to Manny. Trouble for the Lackman.

Ball gets away from Napoli, Manny to second.

Base hit for Lowell-4-0.

Drew hits into a 4-6-3 DP, inning over.

Second Inning

Izturis is retired easily, 5-3.

Kotchman rolls out, 4-3. Becks seems to be mixing in the breaking stuff now.

The presence of CB Bucknor on this crew scares me  little.

Kendrick flies out.

Nice 1-2-3 inning.

Single from Varitek, who is looking semi respectable. Like he shaved, but shaved a week ago.

Crisp hits into a 4-4-3 double play.

Lugo singles.

Lugo is thrown out stealing on a crappy call.
Game One, ALDS

Beckett allows a first inning single, but no further damage.

Beckett seems to be pumping a lot of fastballs. That's fine, but I still think he would be better off by mixing in more breaking pitches.

Youk takes Lackey into the MONSTAH seats. 1-0 Sox. We own this chump.

Base hit for Papi, now Manny, and his hair. I think Manny's hair could hit John Lackey by itself.

A wicked shot by Manny inside the third base bag. This dude is toast.

Lowell pops up. Well, maybe not.

Weak dribbler by Drew, Izturis makes a nice play to retire the side.

From March, my preseason picks, with new commentary:

"I wouldn't be a good baseball fan if I didn't make preseason picks:
AL EAST:Boston
AL CENTRAL:Cleveland
AL WEST:Oakland
NL EAST:New York
NL CENTRAL:Milwaukee
NL WEST:Arizona
NL WILD CARD: St. Louis"

AL EAST:Yuppers.
AL WILD CARD: No brainer

Although I have to mark myself down, because I make that pick every year-Boston for the division, New York for the wild card. It had to come true eventually.

NL EAST: Double D'OH!
NL CENTRAL: Well, that was close, anyway.
NL WEST: Wow, I didn't even remember that pick. Good call.
NL WILD CARD: Not even close.

I got 3 divisions right out of six, and 4 playoff spots out of 8. Not bad, I suppose.

So, in the tradition of foolish futurism, my playoff picks.

Boston over Anaheim Angels of California of the United States of Earth of Alpha Centauri
New York over Cleveland

Boston over New York

Philadelphia over Colorado
Arizona over Chicago

Arizona over Philadelphia

Boston over Arizona for the World Series

Game One tonight, as the three weeks of madness

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rush Limbaugh, stop lying about America's veterans.
"Eurgh! squealed Lavender Brown, jumping backward. Eurgh just about
Harry, he said, very seriously, whoever put your name in that
passed since I became headmaster of this school when I havent had at
Harry looked up. Mr. Weasley, Mr. Diggory, and Cedric were still
beam of understanding shot between them.
Petunia conversing in terse mutters in the living room.
Yeah, thanks! Ron shouted over his shoulder.
rotten that was contaminating his over-shined shoes. "

The peculiar poetry of the spammer.

Monday, October 01, 2007

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, we can only change the way we play the hand."

"Brick walls are there for a reason-they let us prove how badly we want things."

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted."

"Wait long enough, and people will surprise and amaze you."

"Respect authority while questioning it."

"Don't bail-the best gold is at the bottom of barrels of crap."

"Don't complain-just work harder."

-Randy Pausch

Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 29, 2007
Another great couple of Radio Labs from the IPod. Sleep, and now Time.
The Sleep program mentions how maladaptive sleep is-which it is, if you really think about it. It wonders why humans have evolved to sleep deeply, whereas other animals sleep “with one eye open,” as James Hetfield once put it. It occurs to me that the evolution of human society allows for deep sleep-since others from the tribe can stay on guard, humans can more fully rest. Plus the increased rigor of human mental activity must require the near total shutdown of physical processes and the cleanup of the mental junkheap.
Jocelyn Ford probably has the loveliest voice in radio.
Listening to all these smart, courageous, funny people doing all this great work reminds me of how much I have wasted. The co founder of Wired Magazine (I heard on On The Media) has put a reminder on his computer desktop of how much, according to the actuarial tables, life he has left to live. Mine would be even shorter, due to all my health issues. And I’m wasting so damn much of it.
September 30, 2007
Great story on Bill Moyers’ Journal with the founder of the Vanguard Group on the turning of health care,and all of business, really, from focusing on patients/clients to focusing on profits to the exclusion of duty.
More from the Journal…$90+ Billion Dollars of fraudulent defense contracting? Why should anyone be surprised, with the kleptocrats we elected? Weren’t these people supposed to be the business geniuses? The MBA Presidency?
Then again, most of the MBAs I have met have been out of touch morons, so there you go.
“It shouldn’t be hard for a veteran who has served his country to get health care.” (From PBS’ NOW program.) I’d love to hear the Administration defend their treatment of Iraq War veterans.
Another great Radio Lab-Musical Language, with the story of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring”, with its discordant, riotous first performance and its much more accepting later performances. Lots of good neurotransmitter talk about variations in dopamine activity and the ‘ol fine line between genius and madness. I love public radio.