Saturday, October 22, 2005

-"Life Is A Highway" was annoying when it was released, and its still annoying.

-The President committed treason when he allowed Valerie Plame's name to be leaked. But as Al Franken said last night on Letterman, we probably shouldn't execute him.

-I don't get Lenny Kravitz.

-Suicide is not that great a tragedy. Let's face it, as Doug Stanhope says, if you have seen half of a movie, and it stinks, why would you stay for the second half?

-At what point did the meaning of "excuse me" become "I'm about to interrupt you"?

-I never wanted to admit that I liked Bon Jovi, but their music has stood up better than a lot of other groups I used to like more.
Hey Bush voters, kwitcherbitchin.

You asked for this mess, and now you have to eat it.

Exploding deficits, cruel budget cuts for our fighting men and women, lies, corruption, and the neverending quagmire in Iraq.

That's what you asked for, and that's what you got.

Hope yer happy.

Friday, October 21, 2005

I keep hearing sniping little remarks about some pharmacists' refusal to dispense Plan B, the morning after pill. And I have to part company with Springer, Franken, and those who have complained about it. While I DO NOT AGREE with the decision to refuse to dispense personally, I do not see how you can force pharmacists to dispense without doing away with the profession as a whole.

Pharmacists owe a duty to their patients-to dispense each prescription accurately and appropriately. The simple fact is that a pro life pharmacist believes there are two patients involved when a prescription is dispensed to a pregnant woman. I don't see how you can dispute that. And if you can legally force a pharmacist to dispense a prescription that they honestly believe will cause a patient harm, then you might as well not have pharmacists at all.