Saturday, April 26, 2008

Game Twenty Six-Meet the Pedroias

Exhausting day, home "watching" the Red Sox on ESPN GameCast.

Clay (The Wonder Horse) Buchholz against Edwin (Small Sample Size) Jackson.

Buchholz has 5 one hit innings in the book, while an infield single from Ellsbury scores Crisp with the first run of the game for a 1-0 lead. David Ortiz, who has been showing signs of life, is sitting out the game with a bruised knee. Sean Casey, who was removed from yesterday's game, was placed on the DL before the game, and opening day hero Brandon Moss was called up.

Hopefully, this run of bad luck will end soon.

Clay has pitched a beast of a game, 103 pitches, 7 1/3 innings, 2 hits. It would be a shame if he can't get a win here.

And it looks that way, as Akinori Iwamura, who this year couldn't hit water if you threw him out of a boat, homered to right to give to Tampa 2-1 in the 8th.

Oh, fudge.

3 outs to get two runs. It is off of Troy Percival, but still.

Youkilis flies to center.

OK, one out.

Crisp now. If Ortiz doesn't pinch hit, that suggests he's more badly hurt than everyone thinks.

'Ol Covelli flies out to left.

Well, another L into the record books.

I finally figured out that my new camera phone won't work until I sign up for a plan that includes pictures. That shouldn't have been too hard to figure out.

...and Varitek strikes out to end the game.

This one is a little annoying. We spoiled a fine effort by Clay, and we really should be able to get more than one run off of Edwin Jackson. That makes four straight losses, I think, and a trend that is growing into a streak as we speak. Sigh.

I just signed up for the photo plan, so sometime tonight I should post my first photo ever. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lights Out (Guerrilla Radio) (Game 25)

April 25, 2008

Game Twenty Five

Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Naughty Fish

(They aren’t called the Devil Rays any longer.)

Tim Wakefield vs. Matt Garza

Bernie Carbo on the pregame. Carbo is well known as being a Buffalo Head, one of the Red Sox who led a clubhouse rebellion against manager Don Zimmer during the 1970s. Carbo is also known as the guy who did the thing before the thing-he hit a three run homer to tie Game 6 of the 1975 World Series, thus setting up Carlton Fisk to hit the 12th inning, game winning, just barely fair homer that was forever immortalized by his dancing, gesticulating hops down the first base line.

After dropping two of three against the Halos, Boston moves on for their first matchup of 2008 against the Rays. The Rays are 11-11, which is pretty good for anyone, and certainly acceptable for them, given the prolonged misery of their seasons thus far. Hopefully the flu has passed and we can get back to normal with our pitching soon.

Bottom One-Carl Crawford, who is a dangerous, dangerous man, triples off of Wakefield, and then trots home on a sacrifice line drive by BJ Upton. 1-0 Rays.

Top Two-Boston loads the bases, then Julio (Wanna Buy A Used) Lugo walks to score the tying run. 1-1.
Kevin (Money Money Dollar Dollar Bill Y’All) Cash hits a sac fly for another run. 2-1.
Jacoby (What The) Ellsbury singles for a 3-1 lead.

Bottom Three –Evan Longoria, the Desperate Third Baseman, singles in Gomes to cut the lead to 3-2.

Bottom Four-Carl Crawford, who is Still A Very Dangerous Man, triples in Iwamura to tie the game at 3. Upton knocks in Crawford to give Tampa a 4-3 lead. Looks like (well, sounds like) Timmeh is struggling.

Top Six-RBI grounder from Lugo ties the game at four.

The 4-4 tie continues into the 10th.

I listened to "Guerrilla Radio" on the ride home. What an excellent front man Zack de la Rocha was.

Top 11-Boston gets two on with one out, but David Ortiz grounds into a double play to end it.

Bottom 11-Walk and Two Singles scores Carl Crawford from second with the winning run. 5-4 Loss.

Third straight.

I knew Tampa was going to be a pain, and so they have proven to be.

Tampa again tomorrow, in a night game, then an afternoon game Sunday, then back home for Toronto Tuesday. Hopefully we get at least one in Tampa.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Masterson Masterful/Game Twenty Four

Justin Masterson, young gunslinger for hire, made his MLB debut in today's getaway day, and did fine-6 innings, 1 hits, one run, four walks, four strikeouts. Today it was the bullpen that took some lumps, Boston falling behind 7-3 before an Ortiz homer closed the final gap to 7-5.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hate at Fenway?

Apparently, Torii Hunter says in recent years he has had epithets screamed at him while playing at Fenway as a visitor.

I hope it isn't true. It probably is.

What bothers me, though, is later on in the post, Ortiz says that the security folks know about it. That's just wrong. If you have a ticket to a sporting event, you have to follow the rules-and one of these is that you don't interfere with the event.

Say he stinks, say he's no good. But lay off the guy personally.

Come on.

It's 2008. Grow up.

Die Hard Torii Hunter (Game 23)

Dice K is out with the flu, giving us Jon Lester on the hill instead to face the Angles.

Lester goes 5, giving up 4 runs and 9 hits, followed by Sleepyhead Craig Hansen, The Other Javy Lopez, and Bad Mike Timlin. Going into the bottom of the ninth, FRod gets two quick outs, protecting a 6-4 lead.

Given LA's bullpen troubles, I can kind of understand them going to him with a 6-4 lead.

FRod gets Pedroia on a groundout to send Boston to their first loss since, uh, Wednesday.

Mickey Kaus' Take on Obama and Elitism

Mickey Kaus has a long, long take on the Obama Elitist business.

After listening to Left, Right and Center and reading the New Republic, I've been thinking about this all day, and I think I have come to a sort of conclusion about it.

First of all, it is elitist to argue that lower class Americans cling to God, guns, and (opposition to) gays and vote Republican because they are bitter and disenfranchised. It is elitist to say that anyone should vote Democratic because it is in their best interest, according to a smarty pants outsider.

However, the fundamental question is flawed. There is nothing about the Democratic candidates that implies they are going to prevent anyone from hunting or worshipping. Are Democrats going to call for homosexuals to be horsewhipped in the public square? No. Are Democrats going to raise taxes on the rich and expand programs that may help the poor? Probably.

So therefore, are you REALLY better off voting for Republicans, who have been screwing you relentlessly for generations? Or for Democrats, who may do something you don't like on the margins, but will result in you having a better quality of life?

You decide.


I love it when a plan comes together.

Listening to Rabbi Harold Kushner on the "Writers on Writing" podcast at 2am Monday morning, I heard him say something I had heard on Randy Pausch's "The Last Lecture" audiobook. I love it when I hear two smart people tell me the same thing-it reminds me that I'm not entirely stupid.

You cannot change the hand you're dealt. You only control the way you play the hand.

Linked In

Great Bill Simmons piece about potential NBA series matchups in the best NBA postseason in 20 years.

Brilliant Phil Nugent opines brilliantly upon how the current president is, uh, not brilliant.

According to Will Carroll, Josh Beckett's injury isn't that serious. Let's hope so. There isn't an infinite amount of late inning comebacks.

Interesting piece about an electric car company that Ford sold because they didn't see any benefit in it. Oh really? That was a smooth move, guys.

Post Primary Talk from feminist Amanda Marcotte's Pandagon. I still count myself in Obama's camp, though I certainly prefer Clinton to McCain. I am becoming increasingly fearful that this will tear the party apart and result in President McCain.

My Portfolio

There was an alarming story about medical errors in Portfolio magazine last month, and in this month's issue, there is a letter which says, "Couldn't a single nurse have taken ownership of separating mixed medication bags as he or she fished through the storage bin day after day, shift after shift?"

Spoken like a supervisor.

Yeah, she could, if she wasn't pulling a double shift with a sick kid at home. Responsibility always gets pinned on the line worker, while the supervisors are at home playing with their kids. All my life, people have told me I have to work harder while they themselves are "not in the office".

Another extremely alarming sentence, this time from this month's issue: "[the] inspector general told Congress that his auditors stopped counting after finding 2.3 trillion dollars in unsupported entries."

2.3 Trillion Dollars. Trillion. With a T. Lost, or at least unaccounted for. In the Department of Defense.

Jesus Christ with a popsicle stick.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Necking/Game Twenty Two

Bad news on my new cell phone- Josh Beckett has a sore neck. David Pauley is called up to make a start at Fenway against the Angles.

But it works out, relatively speaking, as Pauley is adequate, while Mr. Fix It, Julian Tavarez holds the line, followed by the Okie Doke and Bad Mike Timlin. It took a Dustin Pedroia RBI double to give Boston a 1 run lead, and Pap shut 'em down to seal yet another win for the Olde Towne Team. We haven't lost since the whipping the Yankees gave us one week ago.

There is no further information on Beckett, but it doesn't appear to be serious.

I am tired and a little disgusted. Bad day at the office today, as it appears my company is perfectly happy to let a $60 bill hold up $3000 in revenue. Is everyone in my company stupid?

Don't answer that.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Home Again/Unpacking My New Phone

After work today, I got the new phone I had been lusting after, one with a camera so I can add pictures here from time to time. Of course, the camera would have been perfect for the trip, but c'est la guerre.

On Sunday, Game Twenty featured 2 in the 7th and 4 in the 8th to come all the way back for a 6-5 win against the Rangers, and today's game, the Marathon Special for Patriot's Day, featured an 8-3 beatdown and a four game sweep of Texas. This can't continue, but the run is fun while it lasts. The team is showing plenty of heart, and timely hitting. Hard to disagree with anything that's going on, baseball wise.

I didn't sleep well while I was away, nor did I do much of anything that I wanted to. Sigh. Now it's back to the grind.

Too tired to do much of anything other than function.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Holy Crap.

Former Sox catcher John Marzano is dead at the age of 45. What a damn shame.

Holy Airport Security, Batman,


Once again, I was pulled out of line and sent through the Air Blower Potential Terrorist Line, for reasons I do not entirely understand. I was once because I had misplaced my license, which I could sort of understand. I can't understand what happened this time.

I guess I'm too swarthy or something.

But the trip, that I had so hotly anticipated, is over. Mostly. I'm actually not getting home for another 11 hours or so. But essentially, it's over. I overpacked, of course, and didn't get done anything that I wanted.


I am underwhelmed with the prospect of another day.

Finishing The Last Lecture/Game Nineteen

Now listening to the audio book of the Last Lecture, and it is blowing me away, of course.

Once again, if you haven't watched it, google "The Last Lecture" and watch it.

Boston wins again, 5-3 over the Rangeros at home. Ortiz came up with another RBI, and Manny hit yet another homer.

Rangers again tomorrow, then the Marathon game on Monday.