Saturday, April 26, 2008

Game Twenty Six-Meet the Pedroias

Exhausting day, home "watching" the Red Sox on ESPN GameCast.

Clay (The Wonder Horse) Buchholz against Edwin (Small Sample Size) Jackson.

Buchholz has 5 one hit innings in the book, while an infield single from Ellsbury scores Crisp with the first run of the game for a 1-0 lead. David Ortiz, who has been showing signs of life, is sitting out the game with a bruised knee. Sean Casey, who was removed from yesterday's game, was placed on the DL before the game, and opening day hero Brandon Moss was called up.

Hopefully, this run of bad luck will end soon.

Clay has pitched a beast of a game, 103 pitches, 7 1/3 innings, 2 hits. It would be a shame if he can't get a win here.

And it looks that way, as Akinori Iwamura, who this year couldn't hit water if you threw him out of a boat, homered to right to give to Tampa 2-1 in the 8th.

Oh, fudge.

3 outs to get two runs. It is off of Troy Percival, but still.

Youkilis flies to center.

OK, one out.

Crisp now. If Ortiz doesn't pinch hit, that suggests he's more badly hurt than everyone thinks.

'Ol Covelli flies out to left.

Well, another L into the record books.

I finally figured out that my new camera phone won't work until I sign up for a plan that includes pictures. That shouldn't have been too hard to figure out.

...and Varitek strikes out to end the game.

This one is a little annoying. We spoiled a fine effort by Clay, and we really should be able to get more than one run off of Edwin Jackson. That makes four straight losses, I think, and a trend that is growing into a streak as we speak. Sigh.

I just signed up for the photo plan, so sometime tonight I should post my first photo ever. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

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