Wednesday, December 19, 2007


December 18, 2007

Rev. Dr. Peter Gomes, author of “The Scandalous Gospel”:

If you’re going to Chicago, you buy a map that shows you the way. You don’t then worship and celebrate the map. Similarly, Scripture is the route to the Good News-not the Good News itself.

“We live in a world that values Jesus but doesn’t value what he had to say.”

“The question is not ‘What Would Jesus Do?’, but ‘What Would Jesus Have Me Do?’”

“The difference between hope and optimism is that the optimist has nothing to stand on when things do not go right. Christians have hope-the ability to stand against evil, because they have something to depend on when things have not gone as planned.”

Wow. He’s a great, brilliant speaker that I heard on NPR’s “Book Tour” podcast.

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