Monday, May 04, 2009

Game Twenty Six, part one: Wet and Wild Sox on Yank Action!

In the House that Mammon Built, Boston leads New York 3-0 after 3 innings. A run scored on a passed ball in the first, a homer by Mike Lowell, American Hero in the second, and a bloop single in the third. Ugly, but we'll take them. On the other side, Big Jon Lester is moving through the Yankee lineup like Sherman moved through Georgia, so things are looking good.

Then in the fourth, Big Papi hooked another double into the right field corner for another RBI and another run, 4-0 Boston.

But Johnny Damon and Big Tex hit a couple of back to back jacks, and suddenly I'm throwing up in my mouth and it's 4-3, after 5 innings.

Since it's been raining since 1975, the game was delayed by an hour-as such, there is no bleeding way I am finishing this game. I will update in the morning.

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