Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Game 94: Perhaps Messrs. Duncan and LaRoche can, y'know, HIT?

In Texas, the Walker Texas Rangers sent emergency starter Dustin Nippert to the mound tonight, with Vincente Padilla out due to illness. However, they may as well have sent Chuck Norris to the mound, because you, or I, or the Little Sisters of the Poor could shut down the Red Sox bats right now, and Nippert and company did so, 3-1.

In other news, Boston acquired a LaRoche from Pittsburgh (they have two-hopefully we got the good one) and Chris Duncan from St. Louis today in return for a couple of minor leaguers (LaRoche) and a pox ridden blanket of a shortstop, Julio Lugo (Duncan).

On the plus side, if there is a market somewhere for defensively challenged first basemen, we have about 17 of them.


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  1. Oh Michael... this roller coaster is broken! All I'm getting here are downs. God bless you for reporting this sorry news!

    What will my feet do without the happy dance?

    BTW, how is your funny and wonderful wife? I keep that cracker story in my head to amuse me in odd moments.


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