Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wanna Make A Million Dollars?

In short, make it easier for people to spend their money.

Today, I was pleased to be exposed to two brilliant examples of customer service in action.

My good lady wife, having put up with my sorry butt for nearly 15 long years (our anniversary is next month), and I proceeded into our local Apple Store to get her an anniversary present, the new IPod Nanos being her gift of choice. We were greeted by a chipper Apple dude, to whom we explained we were IPod people, and pretty sure we knew what we wanted.

He got a different breed of associate, who explained a few features to us, scooted into the back, got the product, rang up the sale WITH A HANDHELD DEVICE-no register, no waiting, no BS-and we were DONE. Warranty added on automatically, no muss, no fuss.

Brilliant. It's simple, really-just focus your energy on separating your customers from their money. Make it EASY.

We then went to PF Chang's for lunch, and were simply blown away by the quality of their service as well. Seating? Instant? Waiters? Solicitous, kind, and right there-the drink doesn't hit the table before they are there to refill it. The food was amazing-I would have to say the best Chinese I have ever had. Everything just went swimmingly, and although the prices were a bit largish, it was well worth it because it was just such a pure pleasure to be there. Very highly recommended.

If it's this easy to satisfy people, why aren't all companies doing it?


  1. That is wonderful, especially since you were sort of celebrating your anniversary. Sometimes I am so surprised when people do things that well. I wish it was the norm instead of the thing that blows me away. I am glad that the two of you had such a good day. Yay!

  2. First of all, I'm crazy about PF Changs. Great food, despite being a chain.

    Second of all, you should start a business!

  3. You know, you've got half a point there.

    I have always wanted to, but the prospect of future earnings being dependent on my own competence at running a business simply terrifies me.

    Then again, I'm not that impressed with the competence of the people I'm working for, either.

    'Tis a puzzle.



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