Sunday, April 18, 2010

Game Twelve: Garzastic!

In game 12 of the 2010 baseball season, the Red Sox' season can be amply summed up by the bottom of the fifth inning.

Trailing 4-0 on a long home run by Northeastern's Carlos Pena on top of the camera position in deep center and an RBI single by Tampa's Swiss Army knife of an infielder, Ben Zobrist, Boston opened the fifth with not only no runs, but also no hits. Emblematic.

Adrien Beltre, import from the West Coast, hammers a 2-2 Matt Garza pitch off of the Wall. Well, at least we don't get a no hitter thrown at us, at home in the drizzling, miserable cold. But what's this? Tampa's Carl Crawford, channeling Yastrzemski for a moment, barehands the ball, and guns down Beltre at second. Game, set, match.

Boston sputters to a 7-1 loss, and is now 4-8 on the year.

One more with Tampa tomorrow.

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