Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Michelle Malkin is ignorant.

After citing a New York Times article about race based pharmacology:
"So near the end of the editorial, we get this pablum: "race is too superficial and subjective a concept, mostly based on skin color, to match up well with any underlying genetic or physiological differences that may affect how an individual responds to a disease or a drug treatment. "-Either race is a legitimiate scientific classification or it isn't. Sorry, Times, but you can't have it both ways."


"Medical scientists are using race as a crude surrogate for what they assume are genetic differences yet to be identified.
But there is considerable genetic variability within any racial group, so it is likely that the new pill may fail some black patients, while white patients who could benefit may not get it because they don't fit the racial profile. The ultimate goal, still years or decades away, is to develop medical treatments based on an individual's genes and life experiences, not on membership in some poorly defined racial or ethnic category. Race-based prescribing makes sense only as a temporary measure."

Sorry, Michelle, you should read the entire editorial.

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