Thursday, June 12, 2008

It Is So On !(NBA Finals Liveblogging Part Four)

1110PM- On the back of a 23-5 run, Boston has clawed all the way back from 20 points down to 2 down as the fourth quarter begins.

If Boston takes this game, the Lakers are in serious turmoil. Needing to sweep 3 games is hard enough, but 2 will be in Boston. That's nearly impossible.

1116P-Boston ties it at 73. Wow.

1125P-After trading haymakers for a while, the Lakers get a basket, a stop, and a basket, and they're up 4, with Pierce grabbing his ankle. Oh, Great.

Can somebody explain Coldplay to me? Thanks.

1129P-Pocketful of James Posey hits a 3, 81-80 LA.
Can someone explain why the hell players keep slipping on this floor? Do they not have mops in Los Angeles?

1130P-GArnett hits 2 FT, 83-82 LA.

1131P-Eddie (Brooklyn in da) House hits a jumper, Boston 84-83. Their first lead of the game. Wow.

1133P-Ray Allen gets a rebound in traffic, surrounded by Lakers, then goes up and under, 86-83 Boston.

1135P-KG schools Gasol in the key, 88-83 Boston. I have been waiting all game for him to do that. Gasol can't guard KG with Bea Arthur's dick. He should take him again, and again, and again, and again.

2 minutes to go, game is 88-85.

1140P-P Dub draws a foul. He bricks the first, then hits the second. 89-85.

1142P-Another 3 for Posey, 92-89.

PP draws another foul.

Timeout. What a comeback. Wow. The Lakers are doing a serious choke job here. Bodies are flying, and it's serious, competitive basketball played at the highest level on Earth.

Wife just asked me, "How much time is left?"

"46 seconds," I say.

"Oh, you mean 15 minutes?"

She's watched the NBA before, you see.

1145P-PP gets two FT, 94-89.

1146P-The Lakers let the clock drain very very low, then Ray Allen blows past Vujacic for an easy layup, no help from the other Lakers, and it's 96-91. Pau Gasol is a great shooter, but he can't guard anybody.

1149P-The Lakers miss a series of poor shots, then House is fouled with 3.6 seconds to go. Wow.

It's over. The Celtics win. Wow. No team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit to win an NBA Finals.

This is an epic, major choke job by the Lakers. Yankees-level choke job. Unbelievable. Wow.

Pierce looks exhausted, but jubilant.

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