Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm happy! I'm miserable!

The bottom is here! Recovery is right around the corner!

Obama will save us! Everything's going to be okay!

We're all going to die! Hoard canned goods and ammunition!

I don't know what to think. I guess nobody does. Sometimes I think it's all no big deal, and sometimes I don't think we're going to last the month.

And yes, I know that means through Saturday.

I want to believe Obama will make a difference, I really do. And goodness knows, he's better than the band of war criminals and tycoon apologists that he replaced. But these problems we're facing seem so impossible, so weighty and complex and multifactorial, that it doesn't seem like anyone or anything can solve them.

I don't like that President Obama has already bombed Pakistan through the CIA Predators. I don't like that he has so many advisers that are so close to the mistakes of the past.

It seems like an awfully thin reed to tie my hopes to the imagined decency of one lonely man.


  1. "I don't like that President Obama has already bombed Pakistan through the CIA Predators."

    I just think it shows that he is willing to get to the root of the terrorist problem.

  2. True. But by killing people, aren't we just breeding new terrorists?

  3. Killing them should be the last resort. But they have been given a chance to turn themselves in.

    Killing them reduces their numbers, and does not create more. It also provides a disincentive for people to engage in terrorism. And they "bred" just fine without any efforts to reduce their numbers.

  4. Oh, I completely disagree.

    Killing people by dropping ceilings on their heads creates angry relatives who see America as so much empty rhetoric.

    "A chance to turn themselves in"? To Gitmo?

    Yes, the chance of being killed is a disincentive. But the fact that you're miserable and poor, and everyone you know tells you its America's fault, gives you a bigger incentive.

    True, like any humans, they breed just fine.

    The question is, what kind of world do these babies grow up in? And do laser guided bombs make that world better or worse?

  5. If they weren't driven to a bloodthirsty frothing frenzy by bombs being dropped on the terrorists in their midst, they'd foam at the mouth over other things. Remember the cartoon riots?

  6. Well, that's probably true.

    I just don't think it helps. We don't have enough bullets, and killing people who disagree with you isn't foreign policy, it's genocide.

  7. The genocide lies in the cause of Hamas, Al Queda, etc. not in those who try to apprehend them.

    Yes, they could turn themselves in and go to Gitmo. Or they could keep fighting. Better yet, imagine if they woke up in the morning and decided to do something productive rather than spend another day of their lives trying to exterminate entire nations and religions.


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