Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Monday Memes on Wednesday

Time for the Monday Meme from Miss ( Things To Rearrange In Your Life

1. My weight-I have had to lose a significant amount of weight for several years now. I know this, but like a hitting streak, I can't seem to get more than a day or two of sensible eating before I'm dipping Ritz in the cream cheese.

2. My job-The "temporary" position I was taking "just until I find something I like" is now four years old. I either have to learn how to like it, or get something else.

3. My writing-I have wanted to finish a couple of different writing projects for quite a while now. It's long past time to get one finished.

Not that big of a deal, right?


  1. I lost 30 pounds a couple years back. Here is how I did it.

    1) I did my own version of the Atkins diet. (Lost 20 that way)

    2) My brother died which helped me lose the other pesky 10 pounds I hadn't been able to get rid of since college.

    I call this the High Protein/Grief Diet. Look for my book soon!

    On another note, I noticed your shout-out to Tom Wolfe. It is really long, but I think A Man in Full is pretty great, as well.

  2. Oh, I agree. Charlotte Simmons wasn't bad either. I've enjoyed everything of his I have read. But nothing ever sucked me in like Bonfire.

    The problem I have with Atkins is the problem I have with all diets-it's not the diet, it's the self control to stick to the diet.

    Sorry to hear about your brother.

  3. Still doing Ray Webster?

    I hope I've remembered that name right.


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