Wednesday, June 02, 2010

100 Wise Words

Dipping my toe into the 100 Word Challenge pool again with this week's entry, "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?", for the word "wisdom".

“Don't do it,” she said.

I looked at my sister. Older, wiser, married, with one perfect child and another on the way. Great job, great in laws, great teeth and long, perfect, straight hair.

“Don't do it,” she said again. “You know better.”

I looked down at my shoes. The leather on the tip reflected the sun back up at me. It hurt to look at it.

“You know he's going to cheat again. Don't go back to him,” she said, her voice starting to fray.

I looked up.

“I have to,” I said softly.


  1. Sometimes even wise words can't be accepted. Tenderly written tale.

  2. Tough read. Too often true.

  3. I get this, very powerful

  4. You've captured the essence behind so many women's (and maybe men's too) decision to stay in an abusive relationship, whatever the abuse. Sad when one's lack of self-worth says "this is the best you can do."

  5. I liked your mirroring her inability to look at the light reflected in the shoes and the wisdom reflected in the sister's words. All women need to believe that they have enough!
    I really liked this.


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