Monday, August 02, 2010

It's still Monday, aint it? Microfiction Monday: "Over The Hills and Far Away"

Microfiction Monday , where all the cool kids go,  is a little fiction challenge that goes on over by the Stony River-given a picture, compose a story, in 140 characters or less. Today's is called "Over The Hills And Far Away", and is humbly dedicated to my long suffering wife @djswebb, who blogs here.

She stood there-boots under a dress.

“It looks like an album cover,” she said. “Maybe Led Zeppelin.”

Right then, I knew I had to marry her.


  1. Oh yes! It does...please do visit my other blog's post if you have the time:

    I love Stairway to Heavan and All My Love so. Jimmy Page rocks!

    This was the most unexpected take!

  2. I never would have thought of Led Zeppelin. Nice that you dedicated your post to your wife. Wonderfully done.


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