Sunday, October 03, 2010

Game 162: AKA Post #2,131

In the final, pointless game of the 2010 season, John Lackey pitched like the league average bowl of suck we have come to know and love, the Red Sox beat Dustin Moseley like he stole something, resulting in a 8-4 win for the Red Sox, the wild card for the Yankees, and the end of the baseball year for Boston. 89-73 is the final tally.

This is also my 2,131st post on this blog, which is the number of games it took Cal Ripken to pass Lou Gehrig for the consecutive games played record.

This may be the final appearance in a Boston uniform for stalwarts like Tim Wakefield, Mike Lowell, Jason Varitek, Jonathan Papelbon, Jacoby Ellsbury, and possibly new friend Adrien Beltre, all of whom may retire, be traded, leave as a free agent, or be released before the curtain drops on Baseball 2011.

So what happened in 2010? Well, if Bill Simmons' friend Hench is correct, Boston fielded its intended lineup 8 (EIGHT) times out of 162 during the 2010 season. That, along with the spontaneous combustion of Josh Beckett and Papelbon, pretty much puts a stamp on the season and drops it in the mailbox.

This is the third consecutive season I have blogged every Red Sox regular season and postseason game. I'm sure it is no coincidence that this has been three straight seasons without Red Sox World Championships. I am undecided whether or not to do this next year, frankly. I don't think that my regular readers, all 7 of them or so, really enjoy it, and, honestly, it became a burden at times this year.

I don't know if it is worth my time and effort for something that really doesn't amuse anyone, not even me.

We will see about that.

Peace, as @matthewberrytmr puts it, Out.

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