Monday, November 22, 2010

Something I Could Not Care Less About airport security. Esquire has an excellent post up about the kerfluffle about the full body scanners and the attendant fuss they are creating. As I understand it, if you refuse the full body scan, which apparently makes you look like a naked ghost, you are forced into a full body pat down. All this has brought about all sorts of agita, including videos like that one.

Now, I don't care. I can't even afford to fly a paper plane. And, as the Podfather himself Adam Curry puts it, this is all security theater. It's not preventing anything. From the final paragraph of Esquire's take, about true security- genuine, boots on the ground, knocking on doors law enforcement style security:

"This is how genuine security is created in a free society: through investigation, through self-interest, through civic-mindedness, through individual awareness, and through respect for liberty and the common desire for it. We want as a people to be safe — to live in peace in order that we may pursue our happiness. We work to make it so. It wasn't the TSA that caught the shoe bomber or the underwear bomber. It was us, the passengers. How pathetic that those in charge of our security ignore all that in favor of the alternative: total control."


  1. How much do I **heart** you for using the word "kerfuffle"! Best ever. I agree though.

  2. Thank you for the comments :) I really do appreciate it. It makes a difference to me.

  3. I'm "this" close to putting a metal canister of hair gel up my rear end just to see if I can be totally punk rock to those TSA people.

    ok....I wont really do that. I promise.



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