Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Post That Will Almost Certainly Get Me Into Trouble

Since I can't think of anything useful to say, I figured I should get myself into loads of trouble by updating my Top Five Celebrity Crush list. 
1.Aditi Roy from NBC Philadelphia

2.Christine Woods, most recently of ABC's "Flash Forward"

3.Nataly Dawn from Pomplamoose, aka The Girl On The Hyundai commercial

4. Sela Ward

5. And, of course, Flo from Progressive.


  1. Wow!
    Sela Ward. I also think she is really special.
    Thou she never did a very know character I think she has "something".
    I guess if I was a man I would put her at my list.
    I don't know the others.

  2. Well, one is local. Christine Woods has been in a number of shows, but the only recent thing she played a big role in was "FlashForward". Nataly Dawn is a musician, but, as I said, is on a TV commercial too. Flo is too. :-)

  3. I hate Flo.

    The Esurance digital spy lady is OK though.


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