Tuesday, February 22, 2011

100 Word Challenge: "Not Scary"

Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge has not been traded to the New York Knicks in the Carmelo Anthony deal, contrary to previous reports. This week, the word is Frightened, and as those of you who can read headlines know, my story is called "Not Scary". In an additional twist I was simply too dim to engage in last week, you can now enter the Challenge right here, as well as reading all the other marvelous entries, in case clicking on the link to go to Velvet's site was just too complex.

Without further ado, here it is- "Not Scary".

"Nope, he's not scary."

Diesel 10, usually the villain in my nephew's imaginary play, sat on the floor.  

"Diesel 10's not scary?"

"Not scary." He looked at me, patiently waiting for me to catch on.

"You used to be scared of him." The past was gone, obliterated in the onrushing now.

"Not scary," he said, a little disgusted that I wasn't on board.

"Not scary?"

"Not scary." I remembered when I used to hold him, walking in circles in his yard, telling him about trees, and water, and yellow school buses. He was growing up.



  1. It's so hard watching them grow up - not realizing their little brains have caught up to/surpassed ours. Not easy at all.

    I like this - thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh heck yeah. Kids growing up is scarier than Oprah's audience and the movie Showgirls. Between my teenager getting her learner's license soon and my two younger ones being able to make their own breakfast, there's terror all in my house. Well done, Michael.

  3. Good job. Having kids is scary at all ages: newborns, scary; elem. schoolers, scary; middle schoolers, scary; high schoolers, scary; college agers, scary. Now my oldest is married with one child and expecting another, and my son is engaged to be married this September. It only gets minimally easier...but is infinitely worth it! Again, good job.

  4. I don't have kids yet, but my mom tells me that having children is like letting your heart walk around outside your body, all too vulnerable and unprotected. This is a great post.

  5. My babies are no longer babies either, and it is very frightening. My oldest graduates college in the spring and is planning to move several states away for grad school. Very scary... for me.

  6. Easy to relate to this...enjoyed it. Thanks!

  7. Thank you all for the kind words

  8. Very, very nice. Thank you.

  9. When they stop being scared is when we start. ;)


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