Thursday, March 17, 2011

100 Words: "Where I Want To Be"

Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge doesn't mind if you call it baby, but you should never, ever put it in a corner. This week's word is "Sleek", and my story is called "Where I Want To Be":

They were beautiful creatures- fat and ungainly on land, but when you watched them on a nature film sea lions, ideally formed for their environment, fairly fly underwater, blubbery rolls becoming sleek, rippling lines. Amy was watching them cavort noisily on an outcrop of rocks that stuck out defiantly into San Francisco Bay. It must be nice, she thought, shrugging deeper into a sweatshirt that couldn't keep out the morning chill, to be able to go someplace that suited you in every way. John might be wondering where I am, she thought resignedly, and turned back towards their house.


  1. Very contemplative, sort of melancholy.

  2. like this line a lot: "shrugging deeper into a sweatshirt that couldn't keep out the morning chill"

    good moody prose setting up what happens next.

  3. Great insight into her life in just 100 words.

  4. we so often wish we could be elsewhere or someone else than we are. Love this!

  5. I really love this. Palpable wistfulness.

    Hello! First time 100 word participant here - I enjoyed your submittal - looking forward to more.


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