Tuesday, May 24, 2011

100 Word Challenge: "Couch Potato"

Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge is firmly of the opinion that if Rapture did occur, online literary challenges would be taken up to heaven with all the good people of Earth. This week's word is "Starved" and my story is called "Couch Potato".

"Rich?", I said hopefully.

He wasn't listening. I don't know why I even try anymore. He checked out years ago. After the kids came, and then especially when I got sick, he just left, mentally. It's like he's waiting for me to die.

"Rich?", I asked again.

It was stupid to even try. He wasn't the man I married anymore. I'm lonely, I want to tell him. Just hug me, tell me that I matter, tell me that it is going to be okay. Lie to me.

"What?," he barked.

"Forget it," I said.


  1. This made my stomach twist a little. You've put a lot of emotion into so few words.

    Visiting from the 100 word link up

  2. Vivid emotions! I can feel the pain. Well don.

  3. I typically don't read the other 100 Words until I've posted my own... this week I think we were on the same wavelength, or literally hungry. You had potatoes, I had chili.

  4. Yeah. it seems you and Tara must have been smacked by the same Muse.

    Funny thing is, there's a woman I read who posted a very similar thing, today - how she is so starved for attention and interaction with her husband.

    It seems to be going around.

    Well done. REALLY well done.

  5. That's so sad. My boyfriend is going through chemo for leukemia and I try really hard not to make him feel this way. Weird thing is that sometimes I feel a little like this myself.

  6. it's hard to be so hungry and to go unfed.

  7. And to think that kind of starvation goes on for so long sometimes. It breaks my heart.

  8. So sad, so so sad. Which also means, well done.


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