Thursday, June 30, 2011

100 Word Challenge: Pay Attention

Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge thinks "Cars 2" is unfairly maligned by critics- it is one of the best animated films about cars that takes place in England, Japan, and Rome that this online literary flash fiction challenge has ever seen. This week's word is "Resistance", and my entry is called "Pay Attention!"

Looking at her, brown hair with strands of gold, pert nose, and open, eager face, felt like worship. She was an exchange student from Norway. The collective response of the boys was awe, which made our female classmates deeply frustrated, all the more so because she was so charming and sweet with her English malapropisms.

I felt the silence before I heard it, looking quickly at my Physics teacher's expectant face.

"I'm sorry?"

"What property is described by the use of Ohm's Law?"


"Correct. Maybe you'll pay attention now?"

Attention? Yes, I'll pay attention.


  1. I don't quite get your comments about Cars2 BUT I loved this little tale. I could see the student idolizing the girl and the teacher getting a little peeved :)

    Very sweet

  2. Carrie-

    It's just a running joke. I use the 100 Word Challenge as a way to write an increasingly silly reference, such as "You can call Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge 'baby', but you should never put it in a corner," or "Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge is busy growing its playoff beard."

    I do think "Cars 2" was awesome, though.

  3. "it is one of the best animated films about cars that takes place in England, Japan, and Rome"

    Perhaps it might be the best cartoon movie EVER about spy cars in England, Japan, and Rome.

    Reminds me of a review I saw of "Ghost Rider"

    "If you must see on burning skeleton on a motorcycle movie this season, see this one. It's the best of the genre."

  4. I'm not sure about Cars 2, but this was a great piece. I think we've all been infatuated with someone to this point once or twice!

  5. I seem to remember a similar reaction to a Brazilian exchange student at my high school... HE was a distraction too.

  6. Cute piece. I'm sure much attention will be paid... but probably not to what the teacher wanted :P

  7. Very nice, made me smile. I know for a fact I have been there many a time.

    Can't speak to the comments on Cars2.

  8. @Tara I had a Brazilian exchange student at my high school, too! He was gorgeous!

    Very well written. I enjoyed this a lot.

  9. I liked your tale very much... particularly your student's resistance to paying attention to the teacher with such a lovely distraction as well as the resistance of female class mates to the girl because of her beauty. Excellent full use of your word!
    Bravo Michael!

  10. In my "real" life I do a lot of research on human behavior. Recently there have been a lot of studies on the effects of a pretty girl/woman on a man's behavior and cognitive abilities. One such study suggested that the presence of a pretty woman reduces a man's, uh, intelligence.

    Just sayin'. ;)

    Also, well written piece. :)


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