Tuesday, June 21, 2011

100 Word Challenge: Rules To Live By

Velvet Verbosity herself may be on the DL, but her 100 Word Challenge, thanks to a little help from her friends, is on the 25 man roster and is playing every day. This week's word is "Game" and my entry is called "Rules To Live By"

There were rules to this game. Nobody told you, nobody wrote it down, but you just knew.

Don't be too happy, because Sara lost two in the last two years.

Don't be too sad, because Cindy has four and judges you if you're anything less than thrilled.

Don't be too matter of fact, because Andrea hasn't been able to have any of her own.

Don't be evasive, because Karen will grill you for every last detail.

Don't say that a tiny part of you wishes you weren't.

Just say "I'm pregnant".


  1. That is definitely a game. Another rule is don't ask, wait to be told. Because if you're wrong, all hell could break loose.

  2. what Tara said!

    And during those last weeks - KNOW that everyone and his brother is gonna say "Haven't you had that baby yet?"

    great job, Michael

  3. Excellent take on the prompt! Awesome work.

  4. Man, that's I game I hope to never play! LOL....

  5. Wow! Great take on this week's prompt. Those are all so true.

  6. So sad that this is the case, but... this IS the case. Love the last comment - so many of us are afraid to admit it, but I bet it's the truest statement of all. Doesn't lessen the wonder, but still... Very nice, thank you.

  7. Loved this one, Mike. Sure you weren't a woman in a former life?


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