Monday, September 05, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday: "Perfect Blue Buildings"

Our friends (well, maybe your friends-I'm not sure they are willing to be seen with me) at Flash Fiction Friday have posted a prompt about the "City of Lost Children", which, in 2011, is every city. Here's my shot, "Perfect Blue Buildings".

Antonio said he was gonna come back. He said I could watch Nemo and eat Cheese Its and he would come right back. Mama said I got to do what Antonio say so I sat on the floor and watched Nemo. I saw Nemo like a million times though so it a little boring. So I went and I looked out the window. It is dirty. Mama always says she gonna clean it but she never do that. When you put your head all the way on it you can look down the street and see the top of some of the buildings in the city. They look blue when the sun hit them, these perfect blue blocks in the sky.

Antonio said he had to go get some stuff from a guy on that street where the candy store is and he would be right back. So he left me watching Nemo by myself. Mama say he not supposed to leave me alone but Antonio said he had to do it and he would be right back so it okay. Sometimes Antonio he and that girl he with they let me watch TV while they go up to Antonio room but he say that don't count because he still with me even though he cant see me.

I ask Mama who live in the big blue blocks and she say that where she work. She clean floors for people there, important rich people who wear nice clothes and drive big expensive cars and trucks. She tell me that someday I gonna wear a nice shirt and work in that big blue building and make lots of money so Mama don't have to work no more. I hope that true because Mama work so hard and it make her tired all the time. That make me sad.

Antonio tell me to be brave and that he was gonna go to McDonalds to get lunch for me when he get back. I getting hungry now. Nemo already played all the way through to the end two times, even through all the music and the people names who made Nemo. I like Nemo, it my favorite. Antonio teach me how to hit the button with the triangles and then it go back to the start so I can watch it again by pushing the one with one triangle.

It lunch time and my tummy all growly. Antonio sometimes make me a grill cheese sandwich for lunch or mac and cheese but I like McDonalds best. I wanna have more juice but I drank it all already and Mama say she not have more until next week. Antonio teach me how to get water from the bathroom though so I keep drinking that while I wait for Antonio to come back like he say he will.

I know Antonio be back soon because he say he will, and Antonio always do what he say. I waited for the movie machine to stop making that sound, and then I hit the button with the one triangle and Nemo start again. I already watch it two times but it still a little funny. I hope Antonio back soon because I really want a cheeseburger and fries.

Mama say she comes home when I sleeping but I know it like 9-Oh-Oh because sometimes I stay up and wait for her. I hope I don't have to wait for Mama to have lunch because that mean Antonio in trouble and Mama yell at him and I hate when that happen.

I really hungry but I gonna just watch Nemo and Antonio will be back soon, because he say he will. It almost 3 Oh Oh now. I bet Antonio gonna get me my McDonalds first and then I can eat it here on the floor while I watch Nemo. I love Nemo. It my favorite movie. I wonder if those people in the blue buildings watch Nemo too? Maybe that why the buildings blue because they look like the ocean that way.


  1. A sad and touching story, Michael.

  2. You really hit the spot with this story. This is the kind of writing I had in mind when I set the challenge. I know these children...these are the lost ones. Thank you so much for writing this - it really moved me.


    Deserves to be read by a wide audience.

  3. This was a tough prompt to write about and read everyone's stories.

    Great story.

  4. A great piece of writing, Michael. You hit me in the heart with this piece. Well done!

  5. How desparately sad. Someone has to come home to this child. The image you've created is very hard to shake. You've really captured the theme here. Excellent job.

  6. A very moving story, Michael... tragic and powerful... the child alone and lost... powerless in his little world of Nemo, Cheez-Its and the window looking down on those 'above' him

    The 'voice' in this is heartbreaking.

    Very well done!


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