Sunday, October 30, 2011

100 Word Challenge: Costume Shopping

Velvet Verbosity won't let anything slow her, or the 100 Word Challenge, down. This week's word is "Halloween", and this story is called "Costume Shopping".

"No," I said. Her deep brown eyes flashed. She stomped off, sure of my cluelessness.

She came back holding one. Nurse. Too short.

"No," I said. She threw a full force pout, turning away again.

Another choice. Vampire. Too low.

"No," I said. "But Daaaaaayaaaaad," she said, making it three syllables.

"No," I said again. She made an angry sound, then disappeared into the maelstrom. Everything was cut high, or dipped down too low. She was too young to understand the balance that had to be struck. Or was she?

Why did I agree to buy the costume this year?


  1. Oh, poor Dad. It is SO hard to have our little girls trying to grow up too soon on us. :(

    nice take on the prompt

  2. Perhaps every Dad should be in charge of approving any costume for a daughter older than age 10.

  3. Ahhhhhh, familiar scene written succinctly, Robin

  4. Hm, yes, I get it. At the same time the irony of this situation flashes neon in my head whenever I run across it. On one hand I stumble across comments and articles and blog posts and shared photos and jokes etc about women's bodies and the gleeful objectification thereof all whilst it's defended as "no big deal".

    And yet when it comes to daughters it's all about protecting them from that objectification.

    I've heard it said that daddies are protective of their daughters because they know their own minds. If this is true, when we can reach the point that men can extend that protectiveness to other women we'll start making some real progress.

    It's all a pretty vicious circle. Glad to see you survived the costume pickins.

  5. Sadly for me, VV, only boys live here- this is entirely fictional. I was imagining my brother from another mother @tlanceb when I wrote it, though.


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