Wednesday, November 16, 2011

100 Word Challenge: Close To The Borderline

Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge would be the very first to tell you that there 'sno business like online literary flash fiction challenge business.


The word is "Snow" and this story is called "Close to the Borderline".

When I stopped paying the cable bill, we went down to two channels, the only two that were tolerable to watch through the snow and interference you got when using the antenna.

"You know what, Daddy? We learned in class that fuzzy stuff on the TV screen is actually particles from outer space!"

My daughter bounced on my secondhand couch. I tried to adjust the set. The macaroni from the food pantry was boiling. At least the power was still on.

"What are you going to have for dinner, Daddy?," she asked me.

What you don't finish, I thought.


  1. Wow! so much in 100 words. I remember snowy tv reception from my childhood.

    But the rest of this piece grabbed my gut and twisted my heart. Well said.

  2. so sad...that last line just hits you in the gut

  3. Loved this take on the prompt. Unexpected, and touching.

  4. The sacrifice is clear and touching, love the daughter is still playing and pretending, Robin


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