Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Terrible Minds Challenge: Closed

Chuck Wendig, who would probably convince the Supercommittee to spend the deficit on coke and hookers, has posted a flash fiction challenge asking for 100 word stories using one of the following five words: Frog, Scissors, Powder, Tower, and Seagull. Here's my entry, called, "Closed".

What was it that Jake Barnes said? "Gradually, and then suddenly"? That was how it was. First sales dropped, then suppliers stopped shipping because I couldn't pay, and then sales dropped because you were out of everything. I had cooked myself the last batch of french fries we had, but even after they cooled, I couldn't stomach them. I pitched them one by one onto the ground in front of me, watching the seagulls dive and caw, scooping them up in the October air. They say nature is so delicate, but some species are meant to survive anything.

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